Pipe Organs of Durham and the North East
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Our Lady and St Columba, Wallsend, Newcastle
Wallsend2 This instrument was built in 1979 by Nigel Church & Company, in collaboration with the Swiss builder Georges Lhôte. The church of Our Lady and St Columba nestles against Newcastle's Metro line, and its distinctive green roof is noticeable from afar. Inside, the church is spacious, the organ speaking down the full length of the building from the west end gallery. Trying to describe the sound is difficult, for it is just so perfectly exquisite. The Principal 8' sings in an almost unique manner and the chorus that builds on it is crisp and lively (although perhaps a little thin). The flutes on the Choir are all softly spoken, but the resultant Cornet is brisk and reedy. The Pedal division is housed in a separate case behind the main case. The Pedal Subbass 16' and Open Flute 8' both give warm tone throughout the compass, and the creamy intonation of the Flute is particularly beautiful. The Trumpet 8' is refined and prompt speaking. Like the similar organ at Fenham the suspended action is a delight to play, encouraging musicality and allowing absolute control of pipe speech.
Great (lower manual)
Choir (upper manual)
Principal 8' Gedackt 8' Subbass 16'
Octave 4' Chimney Flute 4' Open Flute 8'
Fifteenth 2' Nasard 22/3' Trumpet 8'
Nineteenth 11/3' Flute 2' Great to Pedal
Mixture 22.26. II Tierce 13/5' Choir to Pedal
Choir to Great

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