Pipe Organs of Durham and the North East

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St Nicholas's Church, Gosforth
The present organ chamber in the south east corner of the church was added to this beautiful Georgian church when in 1884 Harrison & Harrison installed a small two manual instrument, speaking directly into the chancel. However, organists had a vision of something grander, and eventually a secondhand J.J.Binns house organ, with four manuals and pedals, was installed. The size of organ and chamber were not really compatible, however, so it was with great difficulty that the Binns organ was squeezed in: 
Gt 16,8,8,8,8,4,4,22/3,2,IV,8,4
Sw 16,16,8,8,8,8,4,2,III,16,8,8,8,8,4
Ch 8,8,4,4,2,8
So 8,8,4,8,8,8
Pd 32,16,16,16,16,8,8,4,16,8
In 1994 the present organist was appointed, and through his vision and commitment the Binns organ, which suffered severely from difficulties of access for maintenance and general effects of age, has been replaced by a splendid two manual instrument built by Nicholson & Co., of Malvern, Worcestershire. The new organ is accommodated in the original chamber, but at right angles to the old layout, and its front case and internal layout now face down the south aisle so that it provides firm accompaniment for the congregation. The Great sits directly behind the façade, low in the case above the attached terraced console, so that the Swell above and behind it, speaks out clearly. There are shutters in the side as well the front of the Swell box, so that this division also speaks well into the chancel, over the solid oak screen which previously occupied the western opening. CCTV gives the organist a view and control of the able choir in the chancel stalls.
Great   Swell   Pedal  
Bourdon 16' Open Diapason 8' Subbass 16'
Open Diapason 8' Covered Flute 8' Bourdon (from Great)  16'
Stopped Diapason 8' Salicional 8' Principal 8'
Viola 8' Voix Celeste (g) 8' Bass Flute 8'
Principal 4' Principal 4' Fifteenth 4'
Chimney Flute 4' Tapered Flute 4' Posaune 16'
Nazard 22/3' Fifteenth 2' [empty slide   -  ]
Fifteenth 2' Mixture 19.22.26 III Great to Pedal   
Blockflute 2' Trumpet 8' Swell to Pedal   
Tierce 13/5' Oboe 8'    
Fourniture  IV Tremulant      
Trumpet 8'        
Corno di Bassetto 8'        
Swell to Great          

8 thumb pistons each to Great and Swell

8 general thumb pistons

3 reversible thumb pistons to couplers

8 toe pistons to Pedal

2 reversible toe pistons to Great  to Pedal and 
Swell to Great

8 general toe pistons (duplicates)

Great and Pedal Combinations Coupled

General Cancel



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