Pipe Organs of Durham and the North East
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Church of the Holy Cross, Fenham, Newcastle
fenham This beautiful instrument was built by the local firm of Nigel Church & Company (of Stamfordham). It sits at in an open position in the west gallery of the rather plain but acoustically favourable church, and its delicate, singing intonation is an absolute delight. 

Obviously with only twelve stops over two manuals and pedals and no Swell, it presents quite a challenge to the organist to play much of the mainstream repertory. However, smaller baroque works work of German and English nationality work exceptionally well - preludes and fugues by Bach benefit from the clarity the organ and church afford them, whilst the numerous organ voluntaries of John Stanley and his contemporaries are made all the more pleasurable by the organ's intimacy and crisp action. A similar organ was built in 1979 at Wallsend.

Great (lower manual)
Choir (upper manual)
Principal 8' Gedackt 8' Subbass 16'
Stopped Diapason 8' Chimney Flute 4' Great to Pedal
Octave 4' Nasard 22/3' Swell to Pedal
Fifteenth 2' Flute 2'

Nineteenth 11/3' Tierce 13/5'

Octave 1'

Choir to Great

fenham3 fenham2
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