An Index to the subscribers to 
Hopkins & Rimbault (First Edition: 1855)

(Preliminary webpage, under refinement)

The first edition of Edward J. Hopkins's "Comprehensive treatise on the structure and capabilities of the organ, with specifications and suggestive details for instruments of all sizes, intended as a handbook for the organist and the amateur", together with Edward F. Rimbault's "New History of the Organ: [being] memoirs of the most eminent builders of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and other matters of research in connection with the subject", was published in 1855 as The Organ, its History and Construction . A second edition was published in 1870 and a third in 1877. At the rear of the first edition, after Accounts or stoplists of organs and the Index, but before the adverts, is included the Subscription List. This is headed by Prince Albert, 11 selected notables and 5 institutional subscribers, followed by 541 individual subscribers alphabetically ordered, this number including the short addendum list.

The names appearing provide a fascinating glimpse of those sufficiently stirred to support the authors' venture and in a position to help underwrite Robert Cocks's commercial speculation, the outcome of which is generally recognised as "the most influential book on organ-building to be published in England during the nineteenth century" [Nicholas Thistlethwaite's description in The making of the Victorian Organ ]. With a little imagination the list could be the mid-nineteenth century equivalent of today's intrepid BIOS members! 

The list offers much scope for study and greater analysis. A few preliminary highlights and findings might provide some interest and encouragement:

    Organ-builders (++)
    Cathedral organists (**)
    City/town parish church organists 
    Professors of Music 
    Famous names 
    Up and coming 
The compiler trusts that this simple on-line Index will in some small way assist others' researches, notably when an original copy is not to hand. 

Biographical details of some of the notable subscribers [marked ** in the list below] can be found in Watkins Shaw: The Succession of Organists of the Chapel Royal and the Cathedrals of England and Wales (Clarendon Press, 1991).

It is hoped to provide indexes to other historical sources in due course. Corrections, suggestions for improvement, 
or requests for further material, can be sent to Richard Hird. []

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Subscribers (in alphabetical order) Occupation  Address  Editorial Notes 
HRH Prince Albert  . . .
Thomas W.  Abbott  23, Great Pulteney Street 
G.B.  Acworth  Rochester 
W.S.  Adams  Haymarket 
W.L.  Adye  Office of Ordnance 
George M.  Ainsworth  Manchester 
Rev.E.E.  Allen  Millom, Broughton in Furness, Lancashire 
John  Amott**  Organist  Gloucester Cathedral 
Messrs.G.  Andre & Co  19, South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, US 
Alfred  Angel**  Organist  Exeter Cathedral 
Isaac  Ann  Musicseller  Swindon, Wilts 
Frederick J.  Archer  Organist  St.Clement's Church, Oxford 
W.B.  Armstrong  Professor of Music  Kendal 
W.C.  Ashlin  Bank of Liverpool
John  Aspinwall  Organist  St.George's Church, Bolton le Moors
Rev. John  Astley  Chalton Rectory, Horndean, Hants
R.A.  Atkins**  Organist  St.Asaph Cathedral 
Francis J.  Atkinson  Manchester 
Charles  Atlee  Ealing Park, Ealing, Middlesex
David. B.  Auty  Furness Railway Co.School, Barrow in Furness, nr.Ulverstone
Mr.  Backwell  Bookseller  Castletown, Isle of Man 
G.  Baker  Professor of Music  Poole 
A.  Baldry  Torquay 
E.W.  Banks  Witham, Essex 
Stephen N.  Barber  Denmark Hill, Surrey 
B.  Barlow  Organist  Leek 
George  Barlow  Organist  Congleton 
William  Barnby  Organist  St.Saviour & St.Michael's York
Edwin  Barnes  Organist  Hornsey Church 
G.  Barratt  Organist  Trinity Church, Hotwells, Clifton
John P.  Barratt  Organist  Stoneyhurst College 
Francis  Barrow  Lincoln's Inn 
Charles  Barry  Liverpool 
Brice W.  Barwick  Musicseller  Keighley 
Joseph  Bates  6, Ancoat's Grove North, Manchester
J.F.  Beaumont  Whaddon, Cambs 
S.  Bedsmore(**T)  Assistant Organist  Lichfield 
A.C.C.  Beer  Organist  St.Peter's Pimlico 
Charles  Beevor  Surgeon  41 Upper Harley Street 
W.T.  Belcher  Organist  Birmingham 
Doyne C.  Bell 
S.  Bembridge  Egerton Terrace, Stretford New Road, Manchester
Lord  Benholme  76, King Street, Edinburgh 
C.  Bennett  Organist  Shifnal, Salop 
William  Bennett  Organist  St.Mary Andover 
George  Benson  Lay Clerk  Westminster Abbey 
William  Bentham 
W.T.  Best  Organist  Lincoln's Inn 
Henry  Bevington  Organbuilder ++ 48 Greek Street, Soho 
Mr.  Billinghurst  Brixton 
Messrs.J.C.,  Bishop, Son, & Starr  Organbuilder ++ 1 Lisson Grove 
John  Bishop  Cheltenham 
John  Blackburn  Oatwood House, Horsforth, nr.Leeds
Edward  Blackburne  34, Merrion Square South, Dublin
Mr.  Blacket  Bookseller  Newbury
Rev.Frederick  Bliss  Iwerne-Courtnay, Blandford 
John J.  Blockley  2 Park Road, St.John's Park, Hampstead
Henry  Bloxham  Solicitor  Shrewsbury 
William  Booth  Musical Instrument Maker ++ Leeds 
John Stocks  Booth**  Professor of Music  Sheffield 
Edward James  Bosward  Organbuilder ++ Birmingham 
J.W.  Botsford  Exchange Street, Manchester 
R.T.  Bowden  Hyde, nr.Manchester 
George William  Bower  22 Chiswell Street, London 
J.H.  Boyt  76 Market Street, Poole 
John E.  Boyton  Watlington, Oxon 
Henry  Bradbury jun.  Printing etc Establishment  Deansgate, Bolton 
W.R.  Braine  Organist & Choir Director  St.Barnabas Church, Kensington
Mrs.  Braybrooke 
Frederick  Bridgman  Professor of Music  Edinburgh 
George  Brookes  Solicitor  Whitchurch, Salop 
James  Brotherton  Inland Revenue  Somerset House 
Robert  Browne jun.  Organist  Lowestoft 
Rev.Alfred  Browne  Flitton Vicarage, Silsoe, nr.Bedford
I.  Brunel  Engineer 18 Duke Street, Westminster  [The famous Isambard - who possessed a Gray & Davison house organ
Henry  Bryceson  Organbuilder ++ 5 Tottenham Court, New Road 
Z.  Buck**  Organist  Norwich Cathedral 
Rev.John  Buckham  Bishopswood Parsonage, Brewood, Staffs.
George  Buckton  Leeds 
E.  Bunnett** Upper Close, Norwich 
Rev.A.  Burns  Middlesborough (sic), Yorkshire
Alfred B.  Burrington  Organist  Dawlish, Devon 
John  Burton  Organist  Parish Church, Scarborough 
R.S.  Burton  Organist  Parish Church, Leeds 
J.  Cafferata  25 Plumpton Terrace, Everton Road, Liverpool
Edmund  Calverley  Oulton Hall, Wakefield 
Thomas Simpson  Camidge**  Professor of Music  York 
Charles  Campbell  Liverpool 
Rev.Colin  Campbell  Leicester 
W.H.  Caparn  Organist  Newark 
Alfred  Carder  Organist  Whitechapel Church 
William  Carling  Hitchin 
Rev.Richard  Cattley  Kings Lynn 
Rev.William  Cecil  Rector  Long Stanton St.Michael, Cambs
G.T.  Chambers  Rue Rivoli, 28 bis, a Paris 
W.  Chater  Organist  Coventry 
John Taylor  Cheetham  Organist  Baptist Chapel, Oldham 
George  Church  Organist  Wymondham Parish Church 
Thomas  Clark  Martock, Somersetshire 
James  Clarke  Organist  St.Michael, Burleigh Street, Strand
J.F.  Clarke  Professor of Music  Leeds 
Charles Harwood  Clarke 
Fred.Fuhrmann  Clarke  53 Upper Bedford Place 
Joseph  Clarke  Skirbeck, nr.Boston 
W.E.  Clarke jun.  Liverpool 
Solomon  Clayton  Organist  Salem Chapel, Bradford 
Wm.  Clayton  Organist  Warwick 
Rev.Thomas Henry  Coles  Honington, nr.Grantham,Lincs 
Collegiate Institution  Liverpool 
W.  Collis  4 Arthur Street East, City 
Rt.Hon.Lord  Colvill  Ochiltree, South Ville, Lambeth
George  Cooch Solicitor  Newport Pagnell 
W.F.  Coombe  Springfield, Chelmsford 
C.  Coop  Organist  Holbeach 
J.T  Cooper  Organist  St.Paul, Islington 
Rev.Allen T.  Cooper  1 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall 
James  Corps  Organbuilder ++ 3 Caroline Place, Camden Town 
Edward Roger de  Coverley  Author?  48 Poland Street 
James  Cowherd  Newton in Cartmel, Westmoreland
Alfred  Cox  Organist  Brighton 
Samuel H.  Cox  Organist  St.James Church, Cheltenham 
Rev.Joseph  Cox  Litton Cheney, Dorset 
T.  Crabb  Berkhampstead 
J.B.  Cramer  Organist  All Saints, Loughborough 
Frederick  Crane  55 Regent Street 
William Craven  Dockroyd, nr.Keighley, Yorks 
T.Edward  Creak  Organist  Honiton 
Capt.W.A.  Cross  1st Royal Lancs.Militia  Redscar, nr.Preston 
G.J.  Crossley  Professor of Music  9 Victoria Street, Sheffield 
Richard  Crowe  Professor of Music  Collegiate Institution, Liverpool
W.H.  Crowther  Broseley, Salop 
Edward  Cruse  Bach Villa, Marlborough Hill, St.John's Wood
W.H  Cummings  38 Red Lion Square 
Lambert G.  Curtis  Organist  Norwich 
Robert  Daniel  Organist  Parish Church, Ulverstone 
F.W.  Daniell  Paymaster General's Office 
Captain  Darnell  Mount Villa, York 
Charles H.  Davie  per H.Balliere, New York 
Albert  Dawes  Organist  2nd Presbyterian Church & Classical Harmonist Society, Belfast
Rev.James  Dawson  Incumbent  Belmont, Lancs 
Alfred A.  Dawson  Organist  Sandon Church, Staffs 
William  Dawson  Organist  Berkeley Episcopal Chapel, Berkeley Square
Thomas  Dawson  25 Warrington Street, Oakley Square, St.Pancras
W.H.C.  Dawson  Reading 
A.  Dean jun.  Organist  Halifax and Huddersfield 
Dean & Chapter  Christ Church, Dublin 
Edward  Dearle  for the Library, Newark 
J.  Denton  Bradford 
Mr.  Devanti  Music Warehouse  Manchester 
Rev.W.E.  Dickson  Goostrey Parsonage, Middlewich, Cheshire
W.  Dickson  Alnwick 
Thoms  Dix  Organist  Faversham 
George  Dixon  Organist  Retford 
William  Dixon  Organist  Grantham 
William  Done**  Organist  Worcester Cathedral 
W.P.  Dreaper  Musicseller  56 Bold Street, Liverpool 
C.J.H.  Drew  Organist  Percy Chapel, Weston Road, Bath
Sir Henry  Dryden  Canons Ashby, Northampton 
J.P.  Dyer  Musicseller  Warminster 
John J.  Dymond  Professor of Music  London 
Thomas  Eaude  Conductor  Warrington Musical Society 
John Robert  Edeson  Organist  All Saints, Gordon Square, St.Pancras
James  Elliott jun.  New Hall, Dymchurch 
William  Emberson  Professor of Music  Arundel 
Edward  Estill  9 Orange Court, Castle Street, Liverpool
E.J.  Evans  Organist  Liverpool 
John  Evans  Professor of Music  Liverpool 
John  Fagg  Music Warehouse  Hull 
Charles  Fairclough  Lower Castle Street, Liverpool
Rene  Favarger 
John  Fawcett jun.  Organist  Parish Church, Bolton le Moors, Lancs.
William  Felkin  Beeston, nr.Nottinghsam 
John  Fernley  Stanley Grove, Manchester 
G.  Field  Organist  St.Mary, Bathwick, Bath 
W.  Fisher  Banker  Preston 
James  Fitzgerald  Organist  S.Mary & St.George's Churches, Kidderminster
W.  Fitzgerald  Organist  Chertsey 
E.  Fletcher  Organbuilder ++ 7 Hamilton Terrace, Southampton
Messrs  Flight & Son  Organbuilder ++ St.Martin's Lane, London 
H.E.  Ford**  Organist  Carlisle Cathedral 
Messrs  Forster & Andrews  Organbuilder ++ Hull 
Robert  Foulis  MD  124 Princes Street Edinburgh 
William  Foulkes  Whitchurch, Shropshire 
Thomas Lloyd  Fowle  Amesbury, Wilts 
Charles  Fox  Leatherhead, Surrey 
Joseph  Foxcroft  Manchester 
Free Public Library  Liverpool 
Mr.  French  Musicseller  Rochester 
Thomas  French 
Joseph Henry  Frobisher  Organist  Halifax Parish Church 
J.  Fry  Bookseller  Chelmsford 
E.H.  Fuller  Music Warehouse  Derby 
William  Gale  16 Harcourt Street, New Road, St.Mary le Bone
Charles  Gardner jun.  Organist  St.John's Church, Blackheath 
G.M.  Garrett**  Organist  St.George's Cathedral, Madras 
C.  Gaylard  Organbuilder ++ Preston, Lancs. 
Samuel  Gee  Organist  St.Mark, Surbiton: 12 Lansdowne Place, South Lambeth
John  Gibbon  Quay Street, Haverfordwest 
Walter B.  Gilbert  Organist  Parish Church, Tonbridge (late St.Bride's Fleet St.)
J.H.  Gilbert  Manchester 
Mr.  Giles  at Dr.Buck's, Norwich 
Rev.J.  Glennie  Secretary:SPCK  17 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields
Thomas Frederick  Gooch  Organist  Parish Church, Ware, Herts 
Sir Henry  Gordon  Northcourt, Isle of Wight 
Thomas  Goulden  Organist  St.Margaret, Canterbury 
George Frederick  Graham  Organist  Montreal, Canada East 
Thomas  Grant  Organist  10 German Terrace,Brock Street,Birkenhead
Messrs  Gray & Davison  Organbuilder ++ New Road, Fitzroy Square 
Rev.S.S  Greatheed  Tonbridge 
J.J.  Greaves Organist  Parish Church, Preston 
T.J.  Greaves  Organist  Lambeth 
Thomas jun  Green  Professor of Music  1 Bow Lane, Preston 
Edward  Green  Emmanuel College, Cambridge 
George  Greenall  Organbuilder ++ Lancaster 
J.H.  Griesbach  Maida Hill 
F.J.  Griffiths  Organist  Parish Church and St.James Chapel, Daventry
G.R.  Griffiths  Organist  St.Saviour, Upper Chelsea 
William  Griffiths  Kennington 
S.  Grosvenor  Dudley 
Samuel  Groves  Organbuilder  Great Marlborough Street 
Edward  Gunton  Professor of Music  Manchester 
Joseph  Guy  Organist  Tichfield 
Rev.J.E.  Hall  6 Cleveland Terrace, Paddington
Rev.George  Hallen  Penetanguishine, Canada West
James  Harcourt  Organist  Norwich 
Thomas  Hardman  Organist  Holy Trinity, Bolton & St.Stephen, Lever Bridge
William  Harrington  Organist  Wellingboro' 
Rev.C.  Harris  Trinity Church, Cheltenham 
T.  Harrison  Musicseller  Birmingham 
Ven.Archdeacon  Harrison  Precincts, Canterbury 
Henry W.  Harrison  Liverpool 
T.  Harrod  Hunter's Vale, Hockley, Birmingham
James  Hart  Organist  Parish Church, Milton, next Gravesend
Rev.H.E.  Havergal  Rector  St.Nicholas & Hon.Canon, Worcester
Mr.  Hawkins  Horse Fair, Rugeley 
Henry R.  Hayden  Organist  St.Leonard's 
L.G.  Hayne**  Queens College, Oxford 
W.  Haynes  Organist  The Abbey & Trinity Churches, Great Malvern
John  Head  Liverpool 
Rev.H.E.  Heaton  Jesus College, Oxford & Plas Heaton, Denbigh, N.Wales
Charles  Heisch  Middlesex Hospital 
Charles F.  Hempel  Organist  St.Mary, Truro 
W.  Henshaw**  Organist  Durham Cathedral 
Henry  Heylyn  West Brixton Lodge, West Brixton
Thomas  Heywood  Manchester 
Thomas  Hickson  Melton Mowbray 
James  Higgs  Organist  St.Mark, Kennington: 11 Crescent Terrace, Millbank, Westminster
Frederick  Higham  Builder ++ ? Wolverhampton 
J.  Hiles  Organist  Parish Church, Portsmouth 
William  Hill  Organbuilder to HM ++ 12 Tottenham Court, New Road 
Samuel  Hill  Rose Cottage, Hopwood, nr.Manchester
Messrs  Hime & Son  Musicsellers  Liverpool 
Messrs  Hime and Addison  Musicsellers  St.Anne's Square, Manchester 
George  Hirst  Professor of Music  Liverpool 
Alfred  Hobson  Cheltenham 
J.S.  Hodge  East Malling, nr.Maidstone, Kent (late Chm.Limerick Cathedral)
G.  Hoggett  Organbuilder ++
& Professor of Music 
45 Brunswick Street, Darlington
George  Holden  Professor of Music  Liverpool  A correspondent tells me Holden was Principal of the Dingle Academy of Music at 48 Cleveland St.
G.M.  Holdich  Organbuilder ++ 4 Judd Place East, King's cross, New Road
Wm.  Holt  Organbuilder ++ Preston Place, Bradford 
Messrs.E & GG  Hook  Organbuilder ++ Boston, USA 
Samuel  Hoole  44 London Road, Southwark 
W.C.  Hope  Sandford Park, West Derby, Liverpool
Richard  Hoper  Portslade, Sussex 
J.L.  Hopkins**  Organist  Rochester Cathedral 
John  Hopkins**  Organist  Parish Church, Epsom 
Thomas  Hopkinson  Organist  Parish Church, Pontefract 
W.  Horney  Easington Lane, Durham 
Charles Edward  Horsley  12 Blomfield Terrace, Paddington
William  Howell  The Grove, Kentish Town 
W.J.  Hughes  Archbishop Sancroft's School, Harleston, Norfolk
John  Hullah  St.Martin's Hall, London 
James  Hulme  188 Waterloo Road, Burslem 
Alfred  Humphries  Organist  Walton on Thames 
Capt.T.C.S.  Hyde  Twickenham Green, Middlesex 
Robert G.  Ibbs  Leatherhead 
John E.  Ingpen  9 Halsey Terrace, Cadogan Terrace, Chelsea
Thomas  Ingram  Professor of Music  Walcot Place, London & The College, Brighton
Thomas  Ions(**WJ)  Organist  St.Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne
John  Jackson  Bookseller  Ulverstone
Messrs.  Jackson & Winn  Booksellers  Bradford 
Robert  Janes**  Organist  Ely Cathedral 
F.W.  Jardine  Organbuilder ++ Manchester 
George  Jardine  Organbuilder ++ New York 
R.H.  Jarvis  24 Dorset Square 
Rev.John  Jebb  Peterstow Rectory, Ross, Herefordshire
Thomas B. Jeffery  Liverpool 
James P.  Jewson  Organist  Stockton on Tees 
J.O.  Johnson  Organist  Dunstable Church 
Jabez  Jones  Organist  Tewkesbury Abbey 
Edward  Jones  Professor of Music  Sheffield 
Gregory  Jones  Secretary  Collegiate Institute, Liverpool
George  Jones  Lincoln's Inn 
Benjamin St.J.Baptiste  Joule  Hon.Organist  St.Peter's Manchester 
Walker  Joy  4 Queen Square, Leeds 
H.W.  Kampf  Wolverton Station 
C.  Kelly  8 High Street, Kensington 
W.E.  Kilburn  .
Frederick  Kinkee  Organist & Choirmaster  St.Paul's Knightsbridge 
James  Kirtland Organbuilder ++ Manchester 
Henry  Knight  Organist  Broseley 
George  Langley  Organbuilder ++ Grove House, Greatham, Co.Durham
Robert  Law  Organist  St.Peter, Montrose 
H.M.  Lawrence  Lee Grove, Blackheath 
Rev.Richard  Lawrence  Tonbridge 
John  Leach  Organist  St.James, Bradford 
John  Lee  Professor of Music & Singing  77 Newman Street, London 
John  Lees  Organist  Oldham 
Samuel  Leigh  Organist  Parish Church, Gawsworth, Macclesfield
John  Lewis  Solicitor  Wrexham 
Library  Liverpool 
Henry F.  Limpus  Organist  All Saints and St.Peter's, Wandsworth: Linkfield Cottage, Isleworth
R.  Limpus Organist  St.Michael, Cornhill 
Ricardo  Linter  Weymouth 
Thomas  Lisle  Wolverhampton 
G.B.  Lissant  Organist  St.Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta 
Henry P.  Lloyd  Organist  Christ Church, Birkenhead 
G.A.  Lohr  Organist  Leicester 
W.H.  Longhurst**  Asst.Organist  Canterbury Cathedral 
C.  Lonsdale  26 Old Bond Street 
Edwin M.  Lott  Organist  St.Luke's Jersey 
John  Lydden 
R.  Macculloch  Guernsey 
G.A.  Macfarren 
Edmund  Macrory  Middle Temple 
John  Magill  Musicseller and Organist  Christ Church, Liverpool 
William  Makepeace  Lay Clerk/Professor of Music  Rochester/Cathedral 
George Hogarth  Makins 
W.D.  Malton  36 Wimpole Street 
Thomas  Marsh  Organist St.Michael, Alnwick 
J.U.  Martin  Organist  East Dereham 
George William  Martin  The Grove, Clapham Common 
Joseph  Mason  Pianoforte & Musicseller  Norfolk Street, Glossop 
Henry  Mathews  Organist  Stratford on Avon 
J.A.  Maude  52 Eaton Square 
Harry  May  11 Holborn Bars 
C.J.  Mayhew  4 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn
Julius  McCollum  Boston, US 
James  McGlashan  50 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin
Charles  McKorkell  Organist  All Saints, Northampton 
J.  Meadowcroft  23 Wilton Street, Oxford Street, Manchester
Henry Innes  Medwin  2 Crown Row, Walworth 
Richard  Mellor  Musicseller and Organist  Ramsden St.Chapel, Huddersfield
Arthur H.  Messiter  Organist  Worthing 
J.K.  Milne  33 Hanover Street, Edinburgh 
John  Molineux  Organist & Choirmaster  St.Paul's, Sketty, Swansea 
Thomas  Molineux  Dallon Street, Manchester 
W.H.  Monk  King's College, London 
E.G.  Monk**  Professor of Music  St.Peter's College, Radley, nr.Abingdon
C.  Moran  Holyhead 
Charles  Morine  Organist  St.Mary's Catholic Church, Burnley
Rev.T.B.  Morrell  Rector  Henley on Thames 
W.  Morton  Trinity College, Oxford 
Very Rev.Viscount  Mountmorris  The Deanery, Achonroy, Ballymate
J.Seymour  Murphy  Organbuilder ++ Duncan Street, Cork 
T.  Musgrave  Scarborough 
J.Sykes  Musicseller  Leeds 
W.  Nelson  Professor of Music  Fulneck, nr.Leeds 
Jonathan  Newall  Music Warehouse  Ashton under Lyne 
John  Nicholson  Organbuilder ++ Worcester 
Richard  Nicholson  Organbuilder ++ Rochdale 
F.  Nicholson  Eagle Quay, Manchester 
J.S.  Noble  Organist  Christ Church, Spitalfields 
John  Norbury jun.  5 Finsbury Square 
John  Norman  Professor of Music  Rochester 
R.W.  Nottingham  Organist  Christ Church, Streatham 
Alfred  Nuth  Wilts & Dorset Bank, Fordingbridge
Henry  Nutter  Organist  St.Paul, Tunstall 
Rear Admiral  O'Brien  Fareham, Hants 
Rev.Daniel  O'Keefe  12 Clarendon Villas, Brook Green, Hammersmith
Edward  Oakden  Organist  Manchester 
Charles  Oakes  Riddings House, Derbyshire 
Samuel  Oldham sen.  Professor of Music  Hyde, nr.Manchester 
Mr.  Orborne  nr.Worcester 
W.  Orr  Professor of Music  Bank Street, Kilburnie, nr.Kettering
Rev.Sir Frederick Gore  Ouseley  Precentor/Professor  Hereford Cathedal/Oxford University
William  Owen  Tremadoc 
Benjamin  Palmer jun.  Organist  St.Paul, Clapham 
Septimus  Parker  Leatherhead 
Mr.  Partridge  Organist  St.Thomas, Coventry 
Wm.  Parvin  Organbuilder ++ Bolton le Moors 
George  Pearce  Guernsey 
James  Pearson  Organist  St.Thomas, Manchester 
Dr.James  Pech  St.Columb Choir, Kensington Park
A.J.  Peckett  Professor of Music  Scarboro' 
Mr.  Penny  Bookseller  Frome 
Rev.Joseph F.  Phelps  St.John's Newfoundland 
John Sutherland  Philipps  3 Berkeley Place, Cheltenham 
J.W.  Phillips  Professor of Music  Wakefield 
Percival  Phillips  Professor of Music  Sheffield 
James  Pirie  Organist  St.James Guernsey 
Rev.Charles  Pressley  Fraserburgh, NB 
Thomas G.  Preston  Organist  Docking, Norfolk 
Alfred  Price  Rignum Villa, Gloucester 
Henry E.  Prout  Plymouth 
William  Radley  Steward to Lord Colvill  South Villa, Lambeth 
J.T.  Rawlings  Organist  St.Julian, Shrewsbury 
William  Rea  Organist  St.Andrew, Undershaft 
Richard  Redhead  Organist  All Saints, Marylebone: 46 Upper Gower Street, Bedford Square
J.Westbrook  Reed  Radleigh Lodge, Tulse Hill, Surrey
Mr.  Reeves  St.Helen's, nr. Liverpool 
Miss  Revell  Organist  Chelsea College 
James  Rhodes  Musicseller  Darley Street, Bradford 
John  Rhodes  Organist  St.George, Southwark 
Brinley  Richards  Professor  RAM 
Thomas B.  Richardson  Organist  Swindon, Wilts. 
J.  Richardson  Sheffield 
T.  Rider  Organist  Leeds 
Rev.Arthur  Rigg  Chester 
T.J.F.  Robson  Organbuilder ++ 101 St.Martin's Lane 
Edward Hearle  Rodd  Penzance 
John  Roe  Organist  Christ Church, St.Pancras: 52 Stanhope Street, Regent's Park
Handel  Rogers  Organist  Limerick Cathedral 
Jeremiah  Rogers  Organist  Doncaster Parish Church 
R.L.  Rooke  Hon.Secretary  P.C.Choir, Leeds 
Mr.  Room  Organbuilder ++ Preston, Lancs 
R.R.  Ross  Manchester 
J.D.  Rost  Organist  St.Paul, Dock Street 
Rev.Frederick  Rouch  Minor Canon  Canterbury & Vicar of Lower Halstow, Kent
George T.  Ruck  19 St.Dunstan's Hill 
Silas  Ruck  Raleigh Lodge, Tulse Hill, Surrey
J.B.  Rudd  Guisbro', Yorkshire 
John  Rumsey  Organist  Shepton Mallett 
Rev.Lacy Henry  Rumsey  Jamaica, West Indies 
Sacred Harmonic Society  Exeter Hall 
James  Sanders  Organist  St.Francis Xavier, Liverpool 
Douglas  Savory  65 Marland Place, Southampton 
Mrs.  Scaife  Leicester 
Victor  Schoelcher 
G.  Scobell 
Frederick  Second  Organist  Darlington 
Richard  Seed  Conductor  Ardwick Gentlemen's Glee Club, Manchester
Edwin  Shargool  Organist  St.Mary's, Stafford 
W.H.  Sharman  New Street, Birmingham 
Edward  Sharp  Organist  Asylum for Female Orphans, 12 Fludyer Street, Westminster
J.  Shaw  Organist  Christ Church, Preston 
Benjamin  Shaw  Gillygate, York 
W.  Shelmerdine  Organist  Mechanics Hall and Derby Road Chapel, Nottingham
Henry S.  Simes  Westfield Gardens, Brighton 
E.  Simms  Organist  Coventry 
H.  Simms  Organist  Birmingham 
R.H.  Simms  Organist & Professor of Music  Wrexham 
John  Simpson  Organist  Bradford Parish Church 
G.  Simpson  Professor of Music  Hanley 
William  Slater jun.  75 Princess Street, Manchester
Henry  Smart**  Organist  St.Luke's: 4 Regent's Park Terrace
Sir George T.  Smart**  Organist  & Composer to HM Chapel Royal 
G.  Smee  Bank of England 
James  Smith  Musicseller  66 Lord Street, Liverpool 
J.O.  Smith  Organist  Christ Church, Cheltenham 
E.F.  Smith  Professor of Music  Liverpool 
Samuel  Smith  Willow Cottage, Egham Hill 
William  Smith  Allerton Hall, Gledhow, nr.Leeds
Messrs.  Smith, Elder & Co.  Cornhill 
Rev.A Bowyer  Smyth  Attleborough Rectory, Norfolk  A descendant informs me that the name of this subscriber was Alfred Bowyer-Smyth.
George Henry  South  Organist  Sheffield Parish Church 
W.  Southern  Organist  St.Mary's Leamington 
T.B.  Southgate  Professor of Music/Organist  Highgate/St.Anne's Highgate Rise
Edward J.  Spark  Choir Master  Bury Parish Church, Lancs. 
W.  Spark  Professor of Music  Leeds 
William  Stacey  Music Warehouse  93 West Street, Sheffield 
George  Staniland  Organbuilder ++ Abingdon 
W.  Staton  Organist  St.Mary, Harrow on the Hill 
Charles E.  Stephens  Organist  Holy Trinity, Bishop's Road,Paddington: 2 Howley Place, Maida Hill
W.F.  Stephenson  Organist  Trinity Church, Ripon 
Edwin  Stevens  Organist  St.James Chapel, Jersey 
Rev.William H.  Stevens  Stoke Rectory, Guildford 
Robert B.  Stewart  5 Buchanan Street, Glasgow 
Harold E.  Stidolph  Tunbridge 
Rev.Henry H.  Still  Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells 
Miss Elizabeth  Stirling  3 Randall's Terrace, East India Road
J.T.  Stone  Dartford, Kent 
Henry  Stonex  Organist  Regent Road, Great Yarmouth 
Mr.  Stothert  Oxford Street, Preston 
F.S.  Stott  Architect  Chapel Lane, Bradford, Yorks. 
Thomas  Street  Ealing 
William H.  Strickland  School for the Blind, York 
T.  Sturges  Organbuilder etc ++ 13 York Street, Ramsgate 
H.W.  Stutfield  Organist  St.George's in the East 
H.G.Jukes de  Styrap  Langley, Bucks 
W.  Sudlow  Clapham 
Alfred Albert  Suggate  Professor of Music & Singing  Lowestoft 
William  Summers  10 Great Marlborough Street, Regent Street
F.  Swanson  Blackheath 
W.F.  Taylor  Professor of Music  Bristol 
James  Taylor**  Professor of Music  Gloucester 
W.  Telford  Organbuilder ++ 109 St.Stephen's Green, Dublin
E.  Thirtle  Organist  Boston Parish Church, Lincs. 
Charles  Thomas  Organist  Rye Parish Church 
John  Thompson  Organist  Abbey Church, Merevale 
George Edward  Thompson  Woodland House, Prospect Row, Woolwich, Kent
E.H.  Thorn(e)**  Organist  Henley on Thames 
Thomas  Thorpe  Organist  Pateley Bridge, Ripon, Yorks  According to a descendant Thorpe was a  bookseller, and non-Conformist.
Edward  Thurnam  Organist  Reigate Parish Church, Surrey 
John Frederick  Thynne  Professor of Music  Tavistock, Devon 
W.B.  Tolputt  Organist  Folkestone Parish Church 
Charles James  Toms  Professor of Music  Liverpool 
C.A.  Townley  Burleigh Villa, Bridge Road, St.john's Wood
John  Townsend  Music Warehouse  Manchester 
Henry  Townsend  Stanton House, Hinckley 
Thomas Tallis  Trimnell  Organist  Chesterfield Parish Church 
H.J.  Trust  Organist  St.Mary's Church, Paddington 
Dr.S.P.  Tuckerman  Boston, US 
E.H.  Turpin  Organist  Catholic Chapel, Nottingham 
James  Vaudrey  London 
Charles  Venables jun.  Conductor  Taplow & Maidenhead Amateur Choral Society
Mr.  Vent  25 Brudenell Place, New North Road, Hoxton
F.Gerald  Vesey  Trinity College, Cambridge 
Charles J.  Vincent  Organist  St.Michael, Houghton le Spring Parish Church
E.  Violette  Organbuilder ++ 43 King's Road, Camden Town 
Rev.  Walkem  Chaplain  Altrincham Union, Knutsford, Cheshire
Joseph  Walker  Organbuilder ++ 27 Francis Street, Bedford Square
Henry  Walker  Organist  Upper Temple Street, Manchester
Alfred  Walker  Hodge Lane, Horbury, nr.Wakefield
William  Walker  110 Constitution Street, (Town Hall) Leith
H.B.  Walmisley  late Organist  Holy Trinity, 18 Cowley Street, Westminster
T.A.  Walmisley**  University Professor  Trinity College, Cambridge 
Miss  Warren  Organist  Royston 
E.  Warren  1 Saxon Street, Dover 
Joseph  Warren  20 Conduit Street, London 
A.  Wastfield  Organist  3 Queen's Place, Caermarthen 
J.  Watts  Organist  Ormskirk 
T.  Webster  Liverpool 
W.  Whately  QC 
E.W.  Whimfield  Conservative Club 
Thomas Wolsey  White  Professor of Music  Brighton 
John  White  Liverpool 
Isaac J  Whitmore  Boughton, Worcs 
J.  Whitthorn  Chatham 
Mr.  Whomes  Organist  Woolwich 
Charles  Wilberforce  Organist  Unitarian Chapel, Renshaw St.,Liverpool
Joseph  Wilkie  Melbourne, Victoria 
John H.  Willcox  Boston, US 
W.  Williams  Organist  St.Martin's Church, Jersey 
Rev David  Williams  Prebendary  Winchester & Warden, New College, Oxford
Henry  Willis  Organbuilder ++ Manchester Street, King's Cross, London
John  Willis  Beverley 
William  Wilson  Organist  St.James, Garlick, Hythe 
J.M.  Wilson  Esplanade, Bridlington Quay 
Miss E.L.  Winn  Nostell Priory, Wakefield 
Edwin  Winscom  Organist  20 South End, Croydon 
T.  Wood  Organist  Huddersfield 
Samuel  Wood  Clitheroe 
B.  Woodward  Organist  St.Paul, Wednesbury 
William W.  Woodward  Organist  St.Mary's Catholic Church, Derby
Charles  Woolcott  5 St.Paul's Church Yard 
W.B.  Wray  late Organist & Choirmaster  Blind Asylum, Liverpool 
A.  Wright  Organist  Birmingham 
R.W.  Wyllie  Exeter Cathedral 
P.  Yardley  Organist & Professor of Music  Bishop's Stortford 
Rev.W.Vaughan  Yarworth  Westbury upon Trym, nr.Bristol
W.S.  Yeo  Professor of Music  Plymouth 
Alfred  Yeomans  Professor of Music  Stourbridge 
Robert  Young  Organist  Berwick upon Tweed 
Rev.Thomas Drake  Young  Parsonage, Sutton Bridge, nr.Wisbeach
John M.W.  Young**  Organist  Lincoln Cathedral 

Richard Hird fecit
January 2000