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An Index to "Buckingham's Travels"

The contents of organ-builder Alexander Buckingham's Notebook were revealed by L.S.Barnard in articles in The Organ, No's 205 (1972) to 213 (1975). 

The notebook was compiled it seems between 1823 to 1844, on visits when Buckingham was employed to maintain and improve existing instruments, as well as to build and erect some small organs of his own making. It is valuable therefore as a contemporary record of some 180 organs in churches and houses around the country. Details of builder and stoplist are given (and are for the most part fully transcribed into The Organ articles), with Buckingham's comments - not intended for public scrutiny - regarding the organ's merits. 

Buckingham describes himself as having been "Foreman to the late Mr.Avery and Mr.Elliot" and to have been responsible for many of the latter's instruments. Written inside the front cover of the Notebook are two addresses, 39 Frederick Place, Hampstead Road, London, and 65 White Lyon Street, Pentonville, London, his home and/or business premises.

Label on barrel of Buckingham organ now in
Wanganui Museum, New Zealand
[photo: Adele P....]

The compiler trusts that this simple on-line Index will assist others to search for and easily find places and organs included in Buckingham's Notebook, en route to the information source and details themselves. It is hoped to provide indexes to other historical sources in due course. Corrections or suggestions for improvement can be sent to Richard Hird [www.duresme.org.uk].

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Sorted by County(Modern) Place  Building  Builder  Date  Size 
Abroad Seville         
Abroad  Mr.Heathcote,
New Zealand 
[Now in
Wanganui Museum]
A.Buckingham  1829  Barrel 
Abroad  Montreal, Canada  Cathedral  Elliot [AB]  1816  3m 
Cambs  Cambridge  St.Andrew  Elliot [AB]  1810  1m 
Cambs  Barnwell  Christ Church  Hill  1840  2m 
Cheshire  Stockport  PC  James Davies  1823  3m
Cheshire  Stockport  Sunday School  Elliot [AB]  1811  2m
Cornwall  Tehedy Park  Lord de Dunstanville  G.P.England   1m 
Cornwall Truro PC (St.Mary)  St.Mary Byfield 1750 3m
Cornwall Falmouth  St.Charles  Hugh Russell  1799 2m 
Cornwall  Helstone  Church  erected Green & Blyth  1799 (older) 2m
Cornwall  Crowan Church Byfield?    1m 
Cornwall Clowance Sir John St.Aubyn  Byfield?    2m 
Cornwall St.Michael's Mount Sir John St.Aubyn J.Avery   3m 
Cornwall Bodmin Church B.Seede 1775 3m 
Cornwall Mt.Trelawarren Sir Richard Vyvyan Flight & Robson   1m 
Cornwall Kenwyn, Truro  PC Lincoln   Barrel 
Cornwall Roche, nr.Bodmin  Church?  H.C.Lincoln   Barrel 
Cornwall Lostwithiel Church A.Buckingham 1828 1m 
Cornwall Trelawarren Sir Richard Vyvyan  Flight & Robson 1828 3m 
Cornwall Mawgan Church Bryceson 1827 Barrel
Cornwall Chasewater Matthew Moyle G.Astor   1m 
Cornwall Carnanton, nr.St.Columb  Humphrey Williams Mudge   1m 
Cornwall Morval, nr.Liskeard  John Buller J.England 1787 1m 
Cornwall Redruth New Church A.Buckingham 1833 Barrel 
Cornwall Withiel, nr.Bodmin  Church J.Walker 1831 1m+Barrel 
Cornwall Penzance Wesleyan Chapel H.Crabb   2m 
Cumbria Carlisle Cathedral Avery  1806  3m 
Cumbria  Penrith  PC  Green & Blythe   2m 
Cumbria  Whitehaven  St.James  Flight & Robson  1819  2m 
Cumbria  Whitehaven  St.Nicholas  Snetzler  1755  2m 
Cumbria  Lowther Castle Earl of Lonsdale  Alex Cummins    1m+Barrel
Cumbria  Lowther Castle  Earl of Lonsdale  Ward?    1m 
Cumbria  Keswick  James Stanger  Elliot & Hill  1832  2m 
Cumbria  Moresby Hall, Whitehaven  Miss Tate  Snetzler  1731  1m 
Cumbria  Whitehaven  Capt.Walker  Samuel Green  1797  1m 
Derbys  Darley, nr.Derby  Walter Evans  Buckingham  1824  Barrel 
Derbys  Duffield, nr Derby  Sir Charles Colville ?Hancock    1m 
Derbys  Belper, nr Derby  G.B.Strutt  Stephen White    1m 
Derbys  Derby  Wm.Strutt  Snetzler    1m 
Derbys  Ockbrook  Moravian Ch.  Father Smith    2m 
Derbys  Kedlestone Hall  Lord Scarsdale  Snetzler  (1761)  2m 
Derbys  Derby  St.Peter  s/h from Elliot  erected 1820 (older)  1m 
Derbys  Derby  Friar Gate Chapel  J.Avery    1m 
Derbys  Derby  G.Fritch  Elliot [AB]  1811  1m 
Derbys  Derby  St.Alkmund  Buckingham  1825  1m 
Derbys  Darley, nr.Derby  Church  Geo.England   2m 
Derbys  Derby  All Saints  Elliot [AB]  1808  3m 
Derbys  Derby  Strutt  J.England + H.Russell  1784  1m 
Derbys  Ticknell  Mr.Sheffield      1m 
Derbys  Derby  Catholic Church  Flight & Co  1780  1m 
Derbys  Alderwasley, nr.Matlock  Francis Hunt  A.Buckingham  1828  Barrel 
Derbys  Willersley Castle, nr.Matlock Richard Arkwright    1770  1m 
Derbys  Ilam Hall, Ashbourne  I.Watts Russell  Wm.Holland    Barrel 
Derbys  Ilam Church  T.Elliot    Barrel 
Derbys  Friar Gate, Derby  Henry Mozley  J.Avery  1775  1m+Barrel 
Derbys Burton on Trent PC J.Snetzler 1771 3m 
Derbys Breadsall Church Steven White   1m 
Derbys Wirksworth Church  Elliot 1826 2m 
Derbys Derby John Drewry J.Gray 1834 1m 
Derbys Alfreton Church J.Lincoln 1789 1m 
Derbys Ilam Hall, Ashbourne  I.Watts Russell Elliot [AB] 1811  1m 
Derbys  Chesterfield PC John Snetzler 1756 3m 
Derbys  Derby, Mill Hill House  Mr.Swinborne James Day 1787 1m 
Devon Mt.Edgcumbe Earl of Mt.Edgcumbe  Elliot [AB] 1812 2m 
Devon Devonport Dockyard Church H.C.Lincoln   2m 
Devon Devonport St.Aubyn's Chapel     1m 
Devon Plymouth St.Andrew Parsons 1740 2m 
Devon Plymouth St.Andrew H.Lincoln c.1830 2m 
Dorset Dorchester Thomas Hazard  Thos.Hazard   1m 
Dorset Dorchester Unitarian Chapel Thos.Hazard   1m
Dorset Bridport PC Wm.Nichols 1815 2m 
Dorset Dorchester St.Peter J.Bishop 1823 2m
Dorset Weymouth Church Allan (G.King)   3m 
Dorset Wardour Castle Lord Arundell  Samuel Green  1791 2m 
Dorset Wardour Castle Lord Arundell J.England   1m 
Durham Durham Cathedral Father Smith  1684/5 3m 
Durham Durham Cathedral Singing School James Davies   1m 
Durham Durham Rev.James Baker T.Elliot   1m 
Durham Durham Lord Barrington (Bishop)  J.Snetzler   1m 
Durham Sedgefield PC G.Smith 1708 3m 
Durham Auckland Palace Ld.Bishop of Durham Smith 1680 1m 
Durham Durham St.Margaret Flight & Robson 1828 Barrel 
Durham  Durham St.Mary le Bow  A.Buckingham 1830 1m 
Durham Durham ?St.Margaret Flight & Robson   Barrel 
Eire Waterford Cathedral Elliot [AB] 1817 3m 
Essex Woodford Church Elliot [AB] 1818 2m 
Herts Ashridge Earl of Bridgwater  Elliot [AB] 1817 2m 
Lancs Bank Hall G.A.Legh Keck Elliot & Hill 1828 1m 
Lancs  Whalley PC Smith or Harris?  1729 3m 
Lancs  Accrington Church John Houker   1m 
Leics Staunton Harold Church [Earl Ferrers]  ?Father Smith   1m 
Leics Kegworth PC Wm.Newsome 1818 1m 
Leics Diseworth, nr Kegworth  PC T.Grey 1824 Barrel 
Leics Leicester St.Margaret Hancock 1773 3m 
Leics Stoughton Grange G.A.Legh Keck Elliot 1823 2m 
Lincs Louth PC Haxby 1769 3m 
Lincs Belton House, Grantham  Earl of Brownlow Elliot 1826 2m 
Lincs Belton, Grantham  Church Bryceson 1816 Barrel 
Lincs  Stamford St.Michael Lincoln 1808 1m
Lincs  Grantham PC Harris & Byfield 1735 3m 
London Portland Place  Lord Ravensworth G.P.England   1m 
London Bermondsey Church [Bishop]   2m 
London Whitehall Chapel Elliot [AB] 1814 3m 
London Tottenham PC Elliot [AB] 1817 2m 
London Langham House, Portland Place    Elliot 1820 2m 
Middlesex Hayes Church Elliot [AB] 1812 1m 
Middlesex Uxbridge Church Elliot [AB] 1815 1m 
Northants Lilford Hall, Oundle  Lord Lilford  Elliot [AB] 1816 2m 
Northants Biggin Hall, Oundle  I.Watts Russell  J.Davies   1m 
Northants Apethorpe Earl of Westmorland  J.Avery 1783 1m 
Northumberland Howick Earl Grey G.P.England 1810 2m 
Notts Nottingham Castle Gate Chapel Elliot 1823 2m 
Notts Arnold Mr.Wilson      1m 
Notts Burton Joyce Church     1m 
Notts Wollaton Hall Lord Middleton     2m 
Notts Southwell Edward Heathcote Buckingham 1826 1m 
Notts Nottingham Mr.Horsefall Bishop   1m 
Notts Widdmerpool, nr.Nottingham        1m+Barrel 
Notts  Nottingham St.Mary Snetzler 1776 3m 
Notts  Nottingham St.Peter Henry Lincoln  1812 2m 
Notts  Nottingham St.James Elliot [AB]  1816 2m 
Notts  Nottingham St.Nicholas Hancock   1m 
Notts  Nottingham High Pavement Chapel  T.Elliot [AB] 1815 1m 
Notts  Mansfield PC John Donaldson 1795 2m 
Notts  Nottingham Roman Chapel      1m 
Notts  Southwell Minster Father Smith   3m 
Notts  Southwell Minster Singing School      1m 
Notts  Southwell Rev.I.T.Becher Elliot [AB] 1814 1m 
Notts  Southwell Miss Bristoe  Snetzler   1m 
Notts  Nottingham Mr.Wooley Buckingham 1827 1m 
Notts?  Gedling PC Elliot [AB] 1808 1m 
Oxon  Nuneham Church Ball   Barrel
Scotland Scone Palace Earl of Mansfield Elliot [AB] 1813 2m 
Surrey Croydon Church J.Avery 1794 3m 
Sussex Bognor Chapel H.Lincoln 1821 1m+Barrel 
Sussex  Berstead, nr.Bognor    ?Bryceson 1808 Barrel 
Sussex Bognor Thomas Smith, Chapel  Bryceson   Barrel 
Sussex Chichester Cathedral Various, orig.Harris  1677 3m 
Sussex Chichester Singing School  Old, added to by G.P.England 1806 1m 
Sussex Chichester John Marsh Hancock   2m 
Sussex Chichester John Marsh Flight & Robson   1m 
Sussex Chichester Joseph Baker  Bishop   1m 
Sussex Chichester St.John's Chapel G.P.England   2m 
Sussex Chichester Concert Room  G.P.England   2m 
T&W Ravensworth Castle  Lord Ravensworth Wm.Nichols 1819 2m 
T&W Houghton le Spring  PC  Byfield c1790 2m 
T&W Sunderland Trinity Church John Davies  1807
(actually 1827)
T&W  Sunderland St.John's Church Crang 1768 2m 
W.Midlands Birmingham Christ Church  Elliot [AB] 1815 3m 
Wales.N Bangor Ld.Bishop Elliot [AB] 1815 1m 
Wilts Salisbury Cathedral Sam.Green 1792 3m 
Wilts Wilton House  Earl of Pembroke J.Snetzler 1766 2m 
Worcs Bromsgrove PC Elliot [AB] 1808 2m 
Worcs Chaddesley, nr Bromsgrove PC Elliot [AB] 1817 2m 
Worcs Worcester St.Martin Elliot [AB] 1812 1m 
Yorks.E Beverley Minster J.Snetzler 1769 3m 
Yorks.E Hull St.John Elliot [AB] 1815 2m 
Yorks.E Beverley St.Mary  Donaldson   2m 
Yorks.E Beverley Mr.Lambert Donaldson   1m 
Yorks.N York  Minster Ward   4m 
Yorks.S Sheffield PC G.P.England   3m 
Yorks.S Doncaster PC Byfield   3m 
Yorks.S Doncaster George Haugh Flight & Robson   1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield Mr.Porter, W.Grove  Lincoln & Son  1814 1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield John Staniforth Saml.Green   1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield Robt.Rogers Buckingham 1825 1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield C.F.Younge James Jones   1m 
Yorks.S Banner Cross, nr.Sheffield  Rev.Bagshaw Chappel & Co   1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield Mr.Dewsnap Stephen White  1805 1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield St.James Donaldson   2m 
Yorks.S Ecclesall, nr.Sheffield  Church Wm.Grey 1810 1m+Barrel 
Yorks.S Sheffield Unitarian Church Booth   2m 
Yorks.S Sheffield   J.Avery 1793 1m 
Yorks.S The Oaks, Norton, Sheffield  Wm.J.Bagshaw  England & Son  1790 1m 
Yorks.S Sheffield St.Paul J.Snetzler 1755 3m 
Yorks.S Dronfield. nr.Sheffield Church B.Sims (G.Parsons)    1m 
Yorks.S Barnsley St.Mary Parker/Greenwood/Cawthorne   3m 
Yorks.S Wortley, nr.Sheffield  Chapel Greenwood 1818 2m 
Yorks.S Handsworth, nr.Sheffield Snetzler     2m 
Yorks.S Aldwark House, Rotherham Mrs.Edmonds Booth   1m 
Yorks.S Norton, nr.Sheffield  Church A.Buckingham 1807 1m