Tour arranged by Anthony Burns-Cox
4th - 10th September 2005
Staying at the Hotel Les Remparts, Kaysersberg

Pictures of Kaysersberg


Organs visited
[Information about the organs visited, each with stoplists and pictures, can be accessed via the placename hotlink. Of course there are many more Alsatian organs - find details of all 1192 [!] by exploring the Eisenberg website]
Shortcut to organs we saw in  Strasbourg --- Colmar --- Mulhouse --- Marmoutier/Ebersmunster

Riquewihr, Eglise Prot.Ste.Margeritte: III/33
Case by Christian Langes 1783; 3m organ by Stiehr-Mockers 1853, restored G.Kern 1985.



Kaysersberg, Ste.Croix: III/30
West end organ: Joseph Waltrin 1720, rebuilt Besancon 1770 and several times since. Awaiting restoration.


Chancel organ by A.Blois 1994: II/7



Dannemarie, St.Leonard: III/38
J.Callinet 1846; restored D.Kern 1986; casework restored 2004.



Thann, Collégiale St.Thiébant: IV/49   
M.Rinckenbach 1888: reconstructed Aubertin/M.Gaillard 2001. Modern pneumatic assistance.


There is also a freestanding chancel organ

Mulhouse, St.Etienne: IV/52
A.Cavaillé-Coll 1863 [III/40]; additions, incl. Positif de dos by Roethinger 1963.
First stage restoration D.Kern 1985. Barker lever assistance.

Cavaillé-Coll website



Colmar, Collégiale St.Martin: III/48
West end organ: J.A.Silbermann 1755 case; organ by R.Freitag/Felsberg 1979

ColmarMartin..ColmarMartin Console

Chancel organ: II/14, by C.Schwenkedel  1975

ColmarMartin Chancel


Colmar, Eglise Reformée St. Mathieu: III/39
A.Silbermann 1732 [III/24 of which 70% survives); Stiehr 1861; Rinkenbach 1898; restored R.Dott 1999.



Strasbourg Cathedral, Notre Dame: III/47
Case of 1489; organ by A.Kern 1981, based on Silbermann 1716 III/39 stoplist, of which 6 ranks remain.

Strasbourg Cathedral..Strasbourg Cathedral..Strasbourg Cathedral


Strasbourg, Eglise Reformé St.Thomas:
West end organ: III/38
J.A.Silbermann 1741 [III/31 of which 50% survives]; several times rebuilt; reconstructed A.Kern 1979


Chancel organ: II/12, Dalstein-Haerpfer 1905; restored Blumenroeder 2001. Pneumatic action.



Strasbourg, Eglise Reformée St.Guillame: II/30
Case by A.Silbermann 1728; organ by Y.Koenig 1987, in G.Silbermann (N.German) style.
[Picture not able to be taken. Frontal view on organ website]


Marmoutier, L'Abbatiale St.Etienne: III/28
A.Silbermann 1709, enlarged J.A. Silbermann 1746; restoration E.Muhleisen & A.Kern 1955.


Amis de'l'Orgue Sibermann de Marmoutier website


Ebersmunster, Abbatiale St.Maurice: III/29
A & J.A.Silbermann 1732; a Pedale 16ft Bombarde was added by Wetzel 1857; work by Rinkenbach1939;
restored G.Kern/Koenig/Dott 1999


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Shortcuts to organs in Strasbourg --- Colmar --- Mulhouse --- Marmoutier/Ebersmunster
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